Buzz ‘A’ Sound


Want to play an appropriate sound to a specific situation for fun? Tired of repeating yourself often? Want to have your favorite quote always on your fingertips?

Get Buzz’A’Sound and always have the right funny little sound in the right situation!

While the app is specifically designed for easy recording your own small sound snippets there are also 24 preset sounds delivered for your pleasure.

  • Record sounds from your surroundings, your friends or yourself and replay them anytime!
  • Give the buttons a custom descriptive name for easy and fast access
  • Up to 9 or 12 slots available (depending on your device)!

  • 24 preset sounds included
  • Beautiful designed interface

The ultimate sound buzzer is now available on the App Store for your iPhone!

The right situation,
The right sound: Buzz’A’Sound!

Also available as a free/lite (ad supported) version!

Have fun!

** The app is meant for small sound snippets (max. 8 seconds per slot)
** Be sure your device is not muted and has a microphone.
** Please be responsible with the sound. Do not use Buzz’A’Sound over a
long period of time on high volume near your or your friends ears.