PaintMyMinis v1.3.0 Update

A new version of PaintMyMinis is available! The new version includes a massive amount of new features and requests:

  • Paint statistics (Overall usage etc.)
  • Project statistics (Which paints are used, which brand the most etc.)
  • TICET export
  • Text export
  • More export options (AirDrop, AirPrint, Facebook etc.)
  • Barcodescanner for paint pots (iOS7 or higher only)
  • General project notes
  • In-App color libraries
  • Custom bookmark order
  • Finished miniatures grouping
  • New colorfield: brand ID
  • Sort by brand ID
  • quickly add paints to the shoppinglist by tap&hold
  • NEW PAINT LIBRARIES: Badger Minitaire, The Army Painter, Scale75, Coat d’arms, Wargames Foundry, old citadel paint line
  • Fixed occasional crash when adding a layer to a materials
  • Mix cell was not responsive after deletion
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

Stay tuned and happy painting!